Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Letter of the Week {s}

This Week The Letter is {S}!

{S} is for...
science, silly, super, slide, spoon, swing, and sugar!
We took a Super fun trip to the Museum of Nature and Science!
Hannah played in the SAND!

stompin' around in the sand!
(she was not very sure what to think about it at first!)
Momma and Hannah and the museum!

Hannah L0VeD the bubbles!

She didn't want to leave this area :)

Hannah is playing in the water!!! She loooved this part too :)


We ate at Snuffers for lunch!

Hannah has her "sticky tape"
{she said backpack had an ouchie so she was fixing her}

This Hannah's FAVORITE cd!

Hannah wanted this picture of the Sugar! :]

She said "Letter S!!" So we took a picture =]

Hannah's {s} picture!

She helped my find all the S stickers!

Hannah with her finished [s] page!

Hanging it on the fridge!

Sweet girl =]

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