Monday, March 1, 2010

The Letter of the Week {U}

So, Hannah and I went to mom time last week where our friend was talking about Letter of the Week crafts and activities to do. I thought it would be a really fun thing to do with Hannah to help her learn the sounds and shapes of every letter. This is SO not my idea at all but we sure had a lot of fun doing it!

{u} is for umbrella, up, upside down, underneath, and Uncle Ugby!

Mommy drew a U and the top of an umbrella and Hannah started painting!

She glued on all her letter U's

Then mommy cut it all out and she glued down perfectly! (The flash is kind of bright mom!)

She had a LOT of fun doing her U activity!

When we were done with our umbrella picture we read Uncle Ugby from our Frog Street books! It's a cute little book and really helped her get the idea of U since it's not used very often!

Up next is the letter {S} (since sometimes Hannah has a hard time saying it!)

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