Thursday, July 29, 2010

Soap Making! Yet another craft for Hannah's Birthday!

So, I decided that making little circle shaped soaps and tying them up in cellophane would make a really cute favor idea for Hannah's 3rd birthday!!

We started by getting all our supplies out: soap dye, molds, 2 lbs of glycerin soap, and some toothpicks for stirring

We borrowed some of baby brother's yummy smelling baby cologne to scent the soaps! Hannah put a little drop in each mold (it was very oily) She's such a big helper!!

Hannah poured dye in each mold and started stirring! Poor thing burned her finger at one point! She got a little too far down on the toothpick :( She was done stirring after that, "No more stirring momma, the soap burns me." Ah! Sweet precious girl, she melts my heart!

This was the hardest part for Hannah, letting the soaps dry. Sweet girl didn't understand they had to dry up so we could pop them out! To speed this process up for her, I stuck them in the freezer! MUCH easier to get out after being that cold!!

We "POPPED" them all out and here they are! My awesome "smelly good" little soaps! Pretty good for mine and Hannah's first time, huh?!

Now for the hard part:
It's not as easy as you would think tying these little guys up! But here they are all finished!!
Not to mention Noah got a hold of the cellophane roll and went to town with it! :) Silly boy wasn't making it any easier!
I can't wait for the actual party to show everything all set up! I hope it's going to turn out in person like I see it in my head!!

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