Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8 1/2 months old!

I feel like I have been majorly slacking on updating about Noah. So we are going to start off at his 8 1/2 month birthday!! OK, here goes!

To my sweet momma's boy,

You have definitely developed more this month than any other! You know you have these things called knees, but our floor is too slippery to get up on them! So you just settled for your awesome army crawl! You've got it down pat!! You're not really having your "baby" food lately so I have to sing you songs to get you to eat! I know you are perfectly fine with drinking formula all day, but I insist!! You can totally pull yourself up now, on short things of course. You almost fell out of bed yesterday. You were so sweet standing there jumping up and down. Your tiny life flashed before my eyes and suddenly you were such a big boy! Scared me so much I almost cried. We DEFINITELY had to change your crib to a lower setting!

You can say things like "dada" "baba" and sooometimes you say "mama" but it's overrated. One of these days, you'll get it down!!

You yell when I leave the room! You have become such a momma's boy. I have to sneak around you to get anything done!! You LOVE your daddy and your sister so much. You get so tickled (and so do I) when you see them! You love it when Hannah plays with you and she thinks you're hilarious. When you two get to laughing, it makes my heart melt! You chew on EVERYTHING and drool a lot too. One of these days I know you will grow out of it. But for now, I have to change both of our shirts a lot. You only have two teeth right now. I think some more are coming through, but it's taking them forever! You still wake up 2-3 times a night and think you "need" a bottle. You are actually making silly noises in bed right now, but I'll leave you in peace. I think you are dreaming sweet dreams of the bottle that you are not going to get :) You are too big to be waking up that much!
I LOVE that you love bathtime, it's so cute to watch you splash!! You put your tiny feet in the ocean for the first time last week! Such a great month!

When I stop and think about you, I realize how much of a blessing you are in our lives. I love you so much it makes me tear up! I love how you hold on tight when I carry you around, and look at me so sweetly with those loving eyes! I love how you snort when you get excited and smile at me for no reason!

I love you sweet boy :)

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