Sunday, August 29, 2010

our weekend!

We got SO much done this weekend!

Saturday we:

Started painting our patio chairs and table black. (They were yucky green) Then, I ran out of paint

 *Pulled ALL of the weeds out of our flowerbeds and raked. It looks unbelievably better!

*Mowed and edged :) Thanks to my love bug for that one!

 Went to the grocery store while Hannah napped in the car with daddy :)

*Went to home depot to buy MORE paint, rollers and brushes. We also got some color swatches for Hannah's room. (That will be a big project)

Sunday we:

*Finished painting the table and chairs! (8 cans of spray paint later)

Touched up all the trim on our house, since it was a tad bit messed up! No offense to anyone :)

Pulled some more weeds that snuck past me yesterday
*Went to see Memaw (my mom)

 and finally just RELAXED!

After the small moment of relaxation (and after everyone was in bed).....

I made these!
Tissue Paper Pom Poms

I had done one a couple weeks ago to test my skills, and went ahead and finished the other 5 tonight for Hannah's upcoming birthday! :)

These are sold in my Etsy shop if anyone is interested!

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