Thursday, August 12, 2010

We're back!

We're HOME from our much needed mini-vacation! Sadly, daddy couldn't make it due to him having to work :( BUT, the kids had a TON of fun and no one got burnt! YAY! We went to Galveston with Memaw (my mom), her boyfriend and my nephew Justin! We had a wonderful time, and here's a couple pics I got before my darn camera died!! Shame on me for not charging it before we left!!! Don't mind the cell phone pics :)

He looks burnt but I can assure you he is not at all! He turns red when he gets hot! :)

We rode on the Galveston Ferry, saw some beautiful dolphins (which my cell phone just could not capture), spent and hour (or two) at the beach and went sight-seeing!
We meant to go to the aquarium but it just wasn't going to happen in the middle of naptime :(

That's enough for cell phone pics, here's some from my actual camera!!

It was the kids' first time on the beach (and it was at night)! Hannah immediately realized that there were crabs running everywhere and started chasing after all of them! I finally got one so paralyzed by the light of my camera that I was able to get a picture of him. They had such a GREAT time and I cannot wait for another adventure like this one. I MISS the beach so much.. I wish I was sitting on that condo patio looking at the ocean right now.
Those were the days :)

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