Monday, September 20, 2010

9 1/2 Months

I guess we will continue this 1/2 month letter writing since we started of at 8 1/2 months old. Actually, nothing really has changed since 1 month ago. Although, you are SUPER good at pulling up now. You've started to cruise and go from one piece of furniture to another. You are always ALL over me when I attempt to get ready each day. You get into my makeup bag and last week you grabbed my straightener and burnt your cute tiny finger. Ouch! I'm so sorry about that. You are still waking up 3 to a million times a night. I think its a combo of your teething, congestion and ear aches. We solved that problem today. You got tubes put in this morning. That's right.. I allowed them to put you under and put tubes in your ears :( It was for the better. Believe me, daddy and I talked about how "better" it was for you for about 30 minutes the night before. We love you sweet boy and just want you to get better.. SOON! You're new favorite thing is throwing yourself backwards to hang upside down. When I try to bring you up, you do it again and laugh so hard at yourself. I think it's super cute! You babble a lot now and get very excited when I am making you food or when you see your sister. You love her with all your tiny heart. She's actually not at home today, she's at grandma's house because of your surgery. She doesn't know, but you've been playing with her cupcakes for hours. I won't tell.

We love you baby boy and hope that you start sleeping better at night and start feeling better very soon!

Here are some pictures of you this last month and from your surgery this morning :)

Sweet little tiger hospital gown! You looked like such a big boy in your gown hehe

Your new bear was just too funny I guess! 

Look at your beautiful eyes. I hope they stay this way forever!

You were feeling under the weather :(

My favorite. You are so darn cute!

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