Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I have been seeing this a lot lately, so I thought I'd try it out :) Here's my attempt at it!


love staying at home with my kids and not working

have to get up in the middle of the night with Noah

get so nervous when it's time for me to take a shower
obsess over cleaning the house.. probably too much

chase and kiss my kids until they just can't take it anymore

think about how different my kids are from each other

tell my husband I love him when we get off the phone

enjoy watching "my shows" in peace and lovely quiet

have to do laundry every single day

trust everything and everyone


sit around and do nothing all day on purpose

get super irritated when I have to "help" Hannah go potty. Which simply includes turning the light on that she can reach!

feel like I want a 3rd child (hope my husband doesn't read that one!!) ha!

sit on the floor with the kids and just play all day

miss working and feeling like my own person

obsess about the kids and if I'm being a good teacher/role model

don't mind doing the dishes

call my husband multiple times a day just to hear his voice

wish I would have stayed in school to be a nurse


feel like my house is clean

thought Hannah would turn out to be the person that she is

thought I would turn out to be who I am today

stop thinking about the past

lock doors, especially my car

brush Noah's two teeth (bad mommy!!)

have a clean shirt on... EVER

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