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Hannah's Sweet Shoppe Party

WARNING: LONGEST post you will ever read :)
It really is ridiculous how long it is!
Sorry it took me so long!

There's not really an order to this, except for the order that I uploaded the pictures! So, I will start with the decorations and then move on to party photos. I spent months and months planning Hannah's birthday. I knew right away I wanted it to be a Sweet Shoppe party, just because my princess is so sweet! I just started finding tons of sweet shoppe ideas on the internet and went from there. I made a lot of the decorations myself and some of them my sister-in-law made (more on that later). I think Hannah loved it and I hope you do too! It's been a long time coming :) So here goes:

Gift tags and cupcake toppers from Amy's Party Couture on Etsy, which sadly is no longer up and running :(
The cake was made by my sister-in-law Christy Lacy- It's Nummy Num
Pom Poms were made by me and here
Soaps were made by me
Birthday banner, name banner and door sign made by Burley Girl Designs
Invitations made by me but designed by The Tomkat Studio. She sent me the pdf file for the top layer.

Ok, I think that's all the credit I have to give. Now on to the decorations!
I actually got these ribbons pre-twirled and tied together at target and they went perfect with her pink, purple, turquoise and bright green theme!
These are the favors I made for her little friends. You can see this post for more details if you'd like!

Soap favors tied like little candies. Directions here. Very easy and fun to make!
Her birthday banner and name banner are just too cute for words, and put together so well. I refuse to take them down from the window. It will be her birthday for the rest of the year!
The cones are hard to see but if you click the picture it will get bigger. I got them from Joanne's Fabrics, $2 for 6 cones. They are white with polka dots and have little pink ribbons tied on like party hats. They are not party hats and I was not sure what to do with them so my mom had the fun idea to use them as candy holders for the candy buffet. I had little chinese style take-out boxes from Wal-Mart in her party colors with tissue paper in them all ready to go, but this idea was much cuter and easier for the kids to hold onto because of the ribbon!
This is her Candy Buffet table. It's small because we have a lot of smaller children in the family who obviously were not going to eat any candy! The adults kept picking around in it, they love candy too ;)
This is the backside of our counter before I put all the food in drinks in. I bought the table cloth from Hobby Lobby. It has a shiny layer on top. I took it off and put the pink down first. There are little boxes underneath to raise up the cake and drink dispenser. After I put that down I put the shiny layer down next, it was much easier to assemble seperately since it was coming apart anyways.
Hannah got this adorable cupcake toy from my husband's co-worker. It fit perfectly with her theme. It goes along with the Pinkalicious book which she also got. I think it's called Pinkatastic Cupcake Decorating set. All the little frostings and toppings come off as well as the cupcake holders. You can switch all of it around to make it just how a toddler would want it :) It's a super fun toy for little girls.
I got this adorable cupcake, which doubles as a little jewelry or knick-knack holder from Cracker Barrel Restaurant the day before her party. It also went with her party perfectly!
I made these a while back, for her birthday, and they are now serving as decoration for her room. Very worthwhile craft to make. I got the idea from You can also see my tutorial here.
I bought this cupcake tower off of Amazon but I also saw it at Hobby Lobby. It was cheaper on Amazon ;) I decorated it with ribbon from Hobby Lobby. It's actually pretty hard because the edges of the layers are curved to show off the cupcakes so I had to hot glue the ribbon on. If you click the picture and enlarge it you can see the imperfections :(
I had a HARD time making this Dum-Dum Topiary. Note to self: NEXT time use concrete in the pot!! I first bought a very large styrofoam ball and covered it in dum dums. I kid you not it was so heavy the stick broke off as soon as I let go! So I took them all out and put them into a smaller styrofoam ball which was still very heavy. I refused to get a whole bag of concrete for this tiny pot so I put floral foam in it and hot glued the stick in there really good. Needless to say, it is VERY fragile. It turned out ok though I think?
Close up of the candy buffet. My sister-in-law Christy actually made tags to go on the pots that were adorable but I didn't get a picture because by the time we put them on everyone started to show up!
Can't believe this is the best picture I got of the poms and polka-dot balloons. It really saddens my heart! I worked really hard on them. They turned out well for my first time though. I was really happy with how easy they were to make. Tutorial at the top of this post :)
I made strawberry lemonade, pineapple punch and sweet tea.

Strawberry lemonade:
2 frozen containers lemonade
1 cup suger
1/2 bag frozen cut strawberries
10 Lemon slices- 5 for the ice bucket and 5 to float the top

Pineapple Punch:
1 frozen container of pineapple juice
1 2 liter bottle gingerale
sherbert ice cream

Adorable cake and cupcakes Christy made :) I think she did a great job! She had to put the candies on when she got to my house and that's why the frosting got squished looking.. Inside was birthday confetti cake! Yum!
Let me tell you, it was a MESS trying to cut watermelon into flower shapes! I attempted to cut the watermelon into large slices so I could punch out the shapes, but the slices just didn't come out as even as I thought. They turned out cute enough though!
I think she did a GREAT job on the banners and door sign :)
Hannah's Invitations! I went through about 5 different circle cutters trying to cut out all the circles for both layers. It about drove me nuts! I finally got a good circle cutter and some patience and got to work.
Lollipops I made for the yard. It was pretty windy so they kind of blew around and wouldn't stay straight. Took me two days to make them because the kids kept wanting to "help"! :)
Adorable decor for Hannah's room also made by my sister-in-law Christy. Too cute! I got the picture frame on sale from Target for $1.24. It was a steal!
I got this cute game for the party but just took off the number 1.

So that's all for the decor, now onto some birthday fun! -Sunday fun day- Party pics and party guest pics below! Enjoy :)

Taking a break!
And, so was everyone else :)
She LOVED the bounce house so much that I had to practically beg her to get out and open her presents!
Mimi (Josh's mom) and bug :) He didn't want to wear pants that day.
The party host: Yours Truly ;)
Birthday girl and Momma
Adjusting stuff
Our friends Dylan and Amber, they are very sweet :)
Grandma Leona
Bug and Grandpa (Josh's grandfather)
This is Krystal-she made Hannah's adorable tutu :)
and this is her husband Randy
Mimi :)
Aunt Linda- (Josh's Great Aunt)
My soon-to-be sister-in-law Jenny and her son Ethan
My Momma- A.K.A Memaw. Love her! Thanks for ALL of your help mom!
Jeffrey-Hannah's Cousin, Patience, and Ethan
My friend Brittany, Jenny and Randy
OF COURSE we had the Cowboys on-and they actually won too! :)

My nephew Justin, my mom and my aunt Letha
Buggard boy :)
Got something stuck to his head :)
The kiddos sliding out. Patience, Jaylene and Abigail
Super cute Ethan! Love him!
Birthday girl trying to wack the pinata
I had to help, the darn pinata was NOT coming apart!!!

SO, my brother Chad had to cut it open!

My brothers Carl and Chad. Carl is in the back :)
Carl, Christy and Justin got Hannah a pink camera! It holds 1,000 pictures and she had already taken 649 on her birthday!
I still had a hard time! 
Finally I busted it open and all the goodies fell out! The kids had no idea what to do, they just stood there staring lol so we had to sort of coax them to pick up all the stuff. Then they loved it!
Bug was eating carrots, courtesy of his Auntie Amber :) Thanks Amber!!
Singing Happy Birthday :)
I hope she made a good wish!! ;)
More bouncing! They couldn't get enough!
Riding her truck princess style
Dylan, Josh's brother Jacob and his girlfriend Avery :)
FINALLY opening presents!
Reading Hannah all her sweet cards
Pushing Jaylene on the swing! See I told you she was sweet, hence the sweet party :)
and more jumping
Hannah's adorable bookshelf she got from Mimi and Papa!

That's it! Phew, that was the longest post I think ANYONE has ever made. Happy birthday to my sweet baby girl :)

Thank you to everyone who helped make it all come together. And, I'm sorry if you didn't get your picture made by my sweet husband! He was trying to keep up. We love you all and thanks again!

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