Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Master Bedroom

Over @ Kelly's Korner she's doing this fun thing where we are going to tour a different room of our house each Friday. Today is master bedrooms. We had a water leak a few weeks ago and actually just re-arranged our whole room. It's still not decorated how I want but the arrangement of the furniture is much better!

So here it is in all it's master bedroom glory:

Our dresser. Lovely eh? Notice the pink balloon in the bottom right corner.. haha

Sweet jewelry box that my soon-to-be sister-in-law made for me. She's so artsy :) 
Our bed is in desperate need of new bedding. Our current bedding is actually from Wal-mart :) It's reversible. The other side looks like the shams in this picture.
The ottoman at the end of the bed is actually from our living room set.
It serves as a nice seat for the kiddos :)

My side of the bed. Kind of boring. BUT, I LOVE my lamp! We actually have two matching onses but didn't buy the other bedside table that goes with our set plus we don't even have room for it now that we moved our bed. We are going to buy a small table for my hubby's side soon though so we can add in our other lamp :) We got it at Hemispheres.
Our TV hutch or whatever you want to call it. It usually serves as Hannah's snack table from time to time, which is exactly why it has no decorations on it :) 
LOVE this star. It's metal, I got it at a cute little country store in the middle-of-no where Oklahoma.
Our bathroom open up to our bedroom. Which I don't like at all. Makes it hard to sleep when someone is up early getting ready :( Don't pay any attention, it's in desperate need of a make-over as is our whole room.

Well that's all for now! Don't be shy if you have any helpful decorating tips :) Or any cute bedding ideas!


  1. Your room is adorable. I LOVE it!

  2. I LOVE that bedding! We saw it at walmart when we were looking for new bedding at the beginning of the year, but Andrew says no flowers :( lol

  3. Your bedding is super cute! Great furniture too.