Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hannah got an early birthday surprise from Josh's co-worker Sean! She is so very sweet and picked out the BEST birthday present for Hannah's party theme. She couldn't have done any better. Hannah is now completely in love with "Pinkalicious" stuff.

She got a "Pinkatastic" cupcake decorating set
And the Pinkalicious book and Pinkalicious doll!
Bug had to check things out for himself :)
Cupcake decorating is serious business!
Her first decorated cupcake. Adorable.
While Hannah was decorating, Noah was making the silliest "dada" noises you've ever heard. Wish our video camera was working!!!
Super silly face

That night, she was carrying her cupcakes and cupcake stand all over the house. She lost a cupcake in the process and I went on a mad hunt for hours. I lost sleep over it. Seriously ridiculous. The next morning, she lost another.. Don't worry, 8 hours later I found BOTH cupcakes. One under her dresser and one under the pie chest in our dining room. Who knew super tiny adorable cupcakes would cause a mother such distress??!!

All the cupcakes (and cupcake decorations) are now safely in one tiny little basket sitting next to her empty cupcake stand. She will no longer lose anymore cupcakes. It makes me feel at such amazing peace.

Hannah: I love you birthday girl, and your tiny cupcakes.

Your super OCD mother. :)

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