Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 Months Old!

Dear Bug,

Today is 10.10.10 and I am writing your 10 month letter! I am sorry this is late. Well, not so late... You just turned 10 months 6 days ago! You're such a big boy and I can't believe it! It feels like just yesterday that I was sitting in the hospital (while your daddy was peacefully sleeping) trying to think of a name for you at 3 in the morning. You make a great Noah. You're so sweet, caring, mischievous, daring, smart and talkative! You have multiple crawls that are specifically tailored to what type of floor your on. It's really funny.. your normal crawl is army style, and when you are outside you kind of sit up and walk on one foot and drag the other. When your on a cold floor you do sort of a bear crawl, crawling on your hands and feet, instead of your knees. I had NO idea how good of a climber you really are, until the other day.... I hear your sister screaming "MOMMA, he's CLIMBING, GET HIM!" I came running of course and found you standing on the footboard of my BED! Our bed is at least 3 feet of the ground, it's huge! It was hilarious, exciting, and scary all at once. I told Hannah to hold your hand while I ran to get the camera.. Don't worry, I'm confident she wouldn't have let you fall off ;) Typically, you think it's funny when you do things like these, but the look on your face was not funny.. It was frightened with a look like "How on earth do I get down from here?" Good thing Hannah was there, there's no telling what would have happened :( You can blame that on my watching The Defenders (really good show by the way) in the living room while you played with Hannah in my room. It happened like this, I think: You climbed onto Hannah's Dora couch, up onto the back of it, up onto my ottoman, across the ottoman and up onto the rail of my footboard. Really!?!? How on earth did your tiny mind even THINK about doing this?!!? I'm still amazed :) See, told you you're smart!
Your hiney looks big in these pictures. Hehe I love it :)
You oviously just had dinner (squash ALL over your face) and now you're having a snack (rice rusks to be exact). You wouldn't let me clean you.
Your new attempt at standing up all by yourself. You get SO close. It won't be long until you start walking!
You just recently got your tubes in and you are starting to feel much better. You still wake up 2-4 times a night.. I think it's a lot to do with the new top tooth you are cutting. I don't mind it though, after 10 months I am plenty used to getting up ALL night. I wouldn't mind if you started sleeping 12 hours straight though... It wouldn't hurt???!! You are doing really well at eating food again, and you LOVE eating whatever we are eating. I'd prefer for you to just eat your baby food and your snacks until your one because I think it's much healthier that way :) You are always all over the place and love playing in your sisters room with all of her toys. She doesn't mind sharing though so you guys play really well together. You love being outside lately and love eating everything laying on the ground around you. You are a boy, if you want to eat dirt, go ahead and eat it. You haven't got sick so far! You are growing out of all of your clothes SO fast (probably all of the dirt you are eating). We definitely will be shopping for some much bigger clothes for you very soon. I put shoes on you for the first time the other day. You hated them. You cried and pulled on them for the first 3 minutes and then got over it. You are already in a size 4!! Big boy! I have to move everything with you.. you get into everything and give me a sweet look when I tell you no, and go after stuff anyways. Your sister never once got into anything, so I never had to move anything or babyproof. You are a different story, I'm constantly having to move my stuff. But, I refuse to move it for good. You will learn sweet boy, don't touch momma's stuff!!! :) I hope this next month brings us walking, saying some real words, learning "no" better, and sleeping through the night. You are a ball of energy and you make us laugh everyday. I love you more than anything and I hope you are enjoying your 10th month of life!

Love, Mommy

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