Sunday, October 31, 2010

First week of work and Halloween!!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, but from my last post you all know I started working full time this week! We are trying to work out some kinks coming home at night and trying to get everything done, but my actual job is going GREAT! And it's even better because I don't worry about the kids at all during the day. Jodie is like a second mother to my kids and she's wonderful (Hannah reassures me constantly! :) ) So work is good, kids are great, life is looking up and to top it all off we had a fun Halloween weekend. I had to do some catching up on some sleep so I took a lot of naps this weekend. BIG thanks to my hubby for that. He is so sweet :) Sunday we went to church like usual and had fun there then went back tonight for the festival! It was so much fun, we slid down "The World's Tallest Slide" and went trick-or-treating down the kids halls at church. Fun games and safe candy! Perfect! Bug had a lot of fun riding the train with daddy, and he got to slide down a smaller slide with Hannah and I. We had a great weekend, and I am hoping for another great week at work!

 Have a great week everyone!

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