Thursday, October 21, 2010

LOT going on!

THIS, has been a very busy, very stressful week! I got a job offer (a very good one) that I cannot pass up! It makes me so sad to leave my kiddos, and all their fun activities, and seeing their sweet smiling faces everyday. It's going to be even more sad to miss out on all of Noah's firsts as well but this will be better for our family. I've had the HARDEST time finding a day care or child care home. It sressed me out so much I just wanted to give up. But then, God answered my prayers. Thankfully, a friend from church is willing to watch the kids during the week and still take Hannah, and now Noah too, to MDO every week. That's the part that was going to break my heart the most-if Hannah had to leave her sweet friends at church. But, thanks to Jodie, she won't! I couldn't be happier, she couldn't be sweeter, and it will make my long work days so much less stressful. I can't stand day cares (or home day cares) and Jodie was an answer to our prayers :)

Things I will miss while at work:
Taking Hannah to school-and picking her up. I LOVE hearing about her day and what she learned :)
Going on playdates with kids from church
MOPS- Mothers of Preschoolers
MAC- Mom's around the Corners
Lunch dates with my mom and the kids
Grocery shopping in the day time hours
Having 12+ hours to clean the house everyday
Just being at HOME!
Doing crafts with Hannah and making things for the house (Guess I can squish that into the weekend..)
Being home all day to take pics of my kiddos! Maybe Jodie could do that for me??? :)

Things I will love about working:
Time to myself
My own place and meaning in the world (Besides just being a mommy, which is the best job I could ever ask for)
More MONEY $$$ :) that's a good perk!
New friends
Face-to-face interaction with more than just my sweet 3 year old everyday (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE talking to Hannah)
Driving in the car alone and being able to turn my music up as loud as I want! (Stupid reason, I know)

I think that about sums it up. Feels good to get it all out. Good thing is, I have a very supportive husband, friends, and family to pick me up when I'm feeling down. It's going to be great.

I start working this coming Monday.. Wish me luck and have a great week everyone!

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