Thursday, October 21, 2010


We were outside playing in the yard today, and Noah was going about his outside play as usual. He was pulling up on Hannah's trucks and cars in the yard. At one point, he LET GO of Hannah's truck and stood there by himself for a good 30 seconds and then sat down! AMAZING! SOOO PROUD :) Of course there was no camera in sight and I didn't want to move away from him and let him fall. So I pulled him over to me and stood him up again-this time with my phone nearby. He stood up again for a good 40 seconds or so without wobbling or falling! I reached for my phone and snapped a picture of him. He was oviously scared to death this time, by the look on his face! It's awesome that he was still standing by himself even though he was scared, but sad for me at the same time. I wasn't about to make him sit down though!!

Such a proud momma, and so glad I caught this before I go to work full-time next week! I am going to miss these moments so much!

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