Saturday, October 16, 2010

State Fair!

Last night, we randomly decided that we would pack up and take the kids to the fair! It's been stressing me out all month thinking about going but finally we just DID! We got in for half price with our Dr. Pepper cans and we got half off the rides. Perfect! We took SO many pictures that morning at the pumpkin farm and stupid me didn't charge the camera before we left. Needless to say, the camera died. But, we got a few good pictures! The kids fell asleep on the way there so they weren't quite in a fair sort of mood when we got there. Noah LOVED all the lights and Hannah enjoyed looking around but didn't want to do much. The Fair is the only place I can think of that is so scary, gross, exciting, beautiful, and fun all in one! We saw some fireworks walking in, took a picture with Big Tex, went to the petting zoo to feed some animals and my hunny and I rode some rides for our anniversary! I felt like a kid again! IT WAS SO AWESOME! Hannah refused to ride anything.. she's not very adventurous! It's ok though, everyone had a great time and we ate some good food. 
Fletcher's Corny Dogs! YUM!
BEST pic we could get in front of Big Tex!
The kids didn't know what to think at first :) 
My mother came with us to help out :) Thanks mom!
Daddy and the bug :)
Sweetest momma and baby pigs ever!
Hannah was saying "come here, come here" in her sweet little excited voice
She got to pet a piglet :)
Feeding some goats! Bug loves goats :)
Kisses from daddy
Hannah enjoyed putting food in MY hand and watching the goats eat. She eventually held her own hand out and it was adorable! But... my camera died. GREAT. That's the end of this story.

We went on to ride rides, eat some pizza and just relax with our family. It was a great time! My legs and butt hurt SO bad when we got back to the car. I couldn't last any longer.. I'm such a chicken :)

Disclaimer: I did push a stroller around at a very hilly pumpkin farm that morning so I get some slack in the "being a chicken" department.

Before I go, I had to share some pictures of Hannah in her new costume. She's in love. She refuses to take it off!

Have a happy Saturday everyone!

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