Thursday, October 7, 2010

This week:

We've been so busy this week, I have'nt been blogging. I miss it! We've been busy with dance class, school, friends, and crafts :) Here's some of what we've been doing!

Monday, my hubby was off so we caught up on some doctors appointments and it pretty much consumed our entire day.
Tuesday, we had school and dance class. PHEW.. that was a tough day.
Wednesday, we layed around in our pj's then went over to my friend Brandi's house to have a little lunch and a playdate. We had potato crusted salmon. It was SO good. After, we had to go to the doctor for both kids to have their checkups. YIKES! Neither of them needed shots, thank you Jesus, but I did need to get them flu shots. So Hannah got the mist and Noah got the shot. Poor guy.

Brandi's baby Knox. He's a little over 2 weeks old :)
My little stinker pot. (10 month letter coming soon!!)
Brandi's daughter Patience
Stinker pot again
and again (he photographs SO well, as soon as he sees the camera he just stops and smiles at you)
Thursday, we had school again. Noah was NOT feeling well at all. I think it was a combo of his new top tooth coming in, and his flu shot yesterday, not to mention he is super snotty. YUCK! Poor guy...
While he was taking his two 15 minute naps (my poor sweet boy) I decided I was going to make a candy corn wreath! I think it turned out pretty well. The hot glue was driving me nuts, it was getting all stringy and sticking to everything. Maybe next time I'll use super glue.

(There's tutorials on a million blogs for this, but in case you haven't seen them.. I'll give you mine)

Candy Corn Wreath

Black electrical or duck tape (I used electrical tape from the Dollar Tree -warning- it STINKS! Gave me a headache.)
16" styrofoam wreath (I used a 14" inch) Use the 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby and it's about $4
3 bags of candy corn (I got mine from the Dollar Tree, or you can use Brach's)
Hot glue

I didn't take a picture, but wrap the whole wreath in black tape. (Sorry, my counter is also black, so it's hard to see)
Line up the candy corns how you think you will want them. It doesn't take very long and the wreath will come out bette,r I promise! Then, glue them down.
Do one line one way, and alternate with the next. As shown above :)
Done! So easy :)
Tie a ribbon to it and your good to go! (Don't mind our silly window clings hehe)
(I got Spider Ribbon from the Dollar Tree. They also look cute with plain black satin ribbon.)

Soooo, remember this post from a few weeks ago. Well there's a tutorial for fabric pumpkins that I'm in love with and I don't have a sewing machine. So, I just came to terms with the fact that I couldn't have them this year and got over it. BUT, while strolling through the dollar section at Target tonight, LOOK WHAT I FOUND!! Adorable $2.50 fabric pumpkins! My life is complete! (OK I know over-dramatic). I'm so in love :) and so very happy.
I of course had to buy something at Hobby Lobby besides a boring styrofoam wreath.. So, this is what I got. Isn't it cute? I love turkeys :)
I got this cute litle door hanger from Cracker Barrel. I wanted the huge matching plate, but I don't have anywhere to put it. So I settled for this guy.. he makes me happy :) (Sorry, I bring in-animate objects to life, something that happened once I had Hannah) :)
Hannah wanted the world to see the little Halloween window clings we got (also in the dollar sections) Sweet girl, most of them are of black bats and pumpkins so they are hard to see, but she's so proud!

Have a happy Friday everyone!!


  1. Brittany, the candy corn wreath is adorable and I need to go check out target for the fabric pumpkins. THey are adorable. I LOVE the dollar section!

  2. Hey Brittany!! I saw that you are a follower of my blog. Thanks! How did you find me? friend of a friend I'm sure. Isn't that how we find all the blogs we follow? LOL! I'm definitely not as good of a blogger as you are. Thanks for following me. Have a wonderful day! - Jill

  3. Aw thanks Lindsay! And thank you Jill. I think I did find you from a friend of a friend or something like that! Thanks for stopping by :) Have a wonderful weekend!