Friday, November 26, 2010

Noahs SUPER LATE 11 Month Letter

Hey little dude,

I am so very sorry that this is so very late, BUT, I started my new job as you know and just have been really busy. Not too busy for you bud, but too busy for blogging and letters and what-not. I love you tons, and you get crazier everyday. You get into EVERYTHING. Your sister was much more sedentary than you are but that's ok, it takes all kinds :) You "cruise" non stop now, and still do your funny little half-standing pose. You are scared to death to walk, but that's ok with me. I do not want you walking for about another 6 months, so we're good there. You smile when we tell you "no" and you don't listen at all :) You are TOO cute to punish though. Your dimples are adorable and so are your cheeks. I miss staying home with you and seeing your silly-ness everyday. I think it's a nice break for the both of us having some alone time though.

I love you little buddy, and cannot believe you will be a year old in less than 10 days :( It really saddens my heart.. Exciting for you though :) MUAH!

Love, Mommy

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