Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Dance Recital and Christmas Presentation :)

Ok so, the kids have been very sick the past week. Hannah was supposed to have her very first dance recital last Saturday and she missed it because she was feeling under the weather. As the week has gone on she's only gotten sicker.. Her and Noah both have a NASTY cold :( Anyways, despite all the sickness and crabbiness, Hannah performed in her very first Christmas Presentation at school! She wasn't feeling well and she didn't really want to be there but she did GREAT! Poor thing has the rosiest cheeks and lips you have ever seen due to her being sick :( Either way she looked beautiful to me of course and here are just a few pictures from my phone of her. (I LEFT the memory card to my camera in my computer at home-let me tell ya, I was NOT HAPPY.)

Pretty stage :)

LOL priceless look when she found me haha (she's on the far bottom left)

She's SO tiny compared to the other kids in her class lol

Poor sweet sick girl didn't want a picture with momma by the presents :(

Hopefully, in the recitals to come, Hannah won't be feeling so crabby!!

 Have a good rest of the week everyone :)

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