Sunday, January 9, 2011

Noah is 13 Months!

One year really makes such a huge difference when you're tiny! You've grown into an amazing little boy! You still look like a baby (which I love) and you're adorable in every way. You are sweet, loving, cute and definitely a boy!!

Here is what you've been doing this month:

-You are wearing 12 or 18 month clothing!

-You are wearing a size 4 diaper during the day and a 5 at night.

-I don't know exactly how much you weigh but I know it's around 22 lbs!
-You still LOVE your bottle, but we've managed to ween you from formula to milk in just the last few days. Next, we are going to tackle the bottle!
-You are finally sleeping all night, besides when you're sick. You still wake up and want a bottle or to be cuddled sometimes. You still take at least one long nap a day.

-You "talk" a lot! You say just a few "real" words, dada, bite, and thank you! So CUTE!

-You are so goofy and you laugh at yourself a lot. We all think you are just too funny!

-You are sooo ticklish on your belly! We love to see your face when we tickle you! It's hilarious!
-You are such a good baby. You are very easy unless you really want something and then you let us know!
-You don't like being in the car for too long and you no longer fall asleep right away like you used to. That part kind of sucks but I'm sure sooner or later you will start to enjoy car rides again :)
-You LOVE your big sister. I'm pretty sure besides your daddy, she's your FAVORITE person. You've started to bite and pull hair, but as soon as we tell you no, you stop :) You love to give her hugs lately and it's completely adorable!

-You have completely mastered walking and now you are starting to run! Gone are the days of crawling being your main source of transportation :)

-You are really enjoying walking circles around things like the kitchen or the couch. You will walk around something for a good 20 minutes if nothing distracts you!

-You haven't been climbing on anything anymore, which is good, because you were starting to worry me!

-You finally got used to your shoes this month, and don't scream trying to take them off!

I love you bug :) you're the best!

Look how chunky and cute you were :) I had to throw in an old pic with this post!
 You are 3 months old in this picture.

Silly boy!

Love, Mommy

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