Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Noah is 14 Months Old!

Here are 13 things I want to remember from Noah's thirteenth month...

1. My little man is super snugly! He'll stop playing to dive into me and will walk to us when we squat down so that he can squeeze our necks! I love it when we are sitting on the floor and he just runs and falls into our arms! I love that he's so trusting. He's our sweet cuddle bug!

2. He is walking EVERYWHERE! He is definitely over the crawling stage completely! I feel like he's just minutes away from running. He never crawls anymore not even over a threshold! He proudly takes his little steps over anything now :) No more crawling for us!


3. Noah is a climber! He loves crawling up stairs and trying to climb up our legs! He scares me because one day I feel like he's actually going to make it up to something high and just fall right off!


4. This month I have spent less and less time with my little guy. My job is really busy and I love it, but he's never once acted like it's affected him at all. He's still just as loving and just as sweet everytime we see each other :)


5. It freaks Noah out when people where hats. He is super interested and curious as to why that thing is on anyone's head. He'll stare at you for a second, then try everything he can to get it off of you. It's hilarious!


6. He is starting to have a tiny appetite which is driving me nuts! He acts hungry but won't eat anything. His favorite for the past month has been Gerber pastas and weenies and other little meals like that but lately he wont touch those nor anything else we put in front of him. I hope it's just a phase....


7. Noah officially says: dada, baba, obe (toby), hank you (thank you), pease (please), bye, ball, bite, more, sssss (for Shhh),  and some other words here and there. Don't worry, NO sign of MAMA coming anytime soon.


8. DANCING. Oh. My. Lord. His dancing is HILARIOUS. I will post the video soon.


9. Being outside is Noah's favorite place to be! Anywhere wide and open suits him just fine. We were at the mall the other day and I painstakingly forgot the stroller. My bad. and he was running from one end of the hall to the other, of course not in the direction I needed him to go. He loves to go outside and get the mail (weather permitting) and LOVES to help 'sort' through it with us. He's a big fan of running up and down the sidewalk.


10. I'm so excited that this month is going to be his first REAL Valentine's Day. I'm his Valentine this year. He told me so.


11. Noah is a PERFECT little brother. He loves his Hannah so much and is becoming quite the little friend to her. It's so sweet to watch them play and love each other!

12. We so badly want Noah to kiss us! We kiss him all of the time and we are hoping he will catch on soon! He used to suck on our chins but has stopped doing that. This month he did start opening his mouth and BITING us when we try to kiss him, he just doesn't actually kiss us yet! I'm patiently waiting for the day!

13. Noah is going to bed between 7:30-8:00 and wakes up between 7:00-8:30 in the mornings. We're so thankful! It gives Josh and I some great time to catch up on all of our shows! He's trying to transition to one nap a day too.. sometimes he'll take two...the first one is at about 10:00-12:00 and the second one is usually from about 3:00-5:00. He usually wakes up happy and ready to play!

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