Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter Egg Tree Tutorial

I have had a couple of people ask how I've made this sweet little tree so I thought I'd put up a tutorial so you can all join in on the fun!

1 small block of floral foam
Hot glue and gun
Small bucket or pail
Grass or other filler
A tree branch
White spray paint
Ceramic or plastic Easter eggs (Don't get heavy ones)
Small white flowers (You can use any color and any size)
Small ribbon for the eggs if ribbon wasn't already attached

*** I found my eggs in a pack of 12 for $4 - ribbon already attached - at Big Lots. I've been to several Big Lots and they all have them right now in the Easter section.

I found a dead tree behind my brother's apartment. I found a good, fairly thick but small branch and cut it off :)

If you don't have any dead trees around, I'm sure you can spare a small limb off a tree in your yard! Mine is about 3- 3 1/2 feet tall and the base of it is about 1/2 wide.


1. Clean leaves and any dirt from tree branch. Paint a good coat of white paint on (doesn't have to be perfect) and let it dry. I used acrylic craft paint but it's definitely easiest to use spray paint!

2. Use your hot glue gun to glue down the floral foam in your pot. Hold it firmly until it dries.

3. Once your tree branch is dry, put hot glue on the end of the branch and push it as far down into the foam as possible.

4. Stuff a good amount of grass or filler around the floral foam to secure it and fill in the top of the pot.

5. Hang eggs evenly apart on the small branches.
   ** If your eggs did not come with ribbon on them, cut your ribbon into 2 1/2 in. pieces, loop end to end, and glue the ends together on the bottom of your egg.

6. Cut flowers off their stems at the very base of the flower. Put a dab of hot glue on the bottom of the flower and place them on the ends of the twigs and branches, to look like the tree is sprouting flowers :)

7. Make sure you have all the spaces filled in, add some loose eggs to the grass if you want and you are done!

See pictures below :)

I used these small white flowers and ones a little big larger than this.

Close ups of the flowers and eggs for you :)

Finished Product :) Sorry it's so far away, I got a pretty big branch.

Easter table runner also from Big Lots ;)

Happy Tree Making!

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