Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hannah is 3 1/2 !!

My big girl is THREE & a HALF! WOW!! And lately, she seems even bigger.. I guess because of her loving motherly ways and how she takes such GREAT care of her baby brother :) Regardless, she's still my sweet baby girl and I love her to pieces!

My Sweet Love,

I can't believe we are here!! Another half birthday?? It seems like yesterday it was your 3rd birthday, which was such a big milestone! At only 3 1/2 you wear so many hats! I love watching you in your many roles everyday! It's even more exciting since I am recently a stay-at-home mommy again! We get SO much more precious time together.

My favorite thing about you is how very sweet you are. You LOVE helping your baby brother. You two play so much all day long, I don't know what you would have ever done without him. He is your best little friend, your buddy, your pain, and just a LITTLE brother! You love him dearly and I love watching you interact with him. You have an amazing heart and I know you will always have the strongest love for him.

You LOVE school. Currently, you go to a christian-based pre-school 2 days a week. You LOVE your teachers, friends, and all that you are learning. You are always telling me the new things you've learned from the bible about God and Jesus and it just melts my heart the things you will tell me. The fact that you know how much Jesus loves you makes me so proud of you! You love learning and I love teaching you as well as your teachers. They are always telling me how helpful, kind, and mindful you are. You are very good at listening and taking instruction and of course I love that about you!


Lately, I’ve loved watching you as a friend! You are at the age where you love your little friends and love telling me all about them. You tell me about the games you play and what you have talked about and what you would like to do the next day with one or all of your friends. I feel that you’re going to be the sweetest friend and pray that God always places good and true friends in your life.


You are a fantastic grand-daughter and you have FIVE grandparents that love you so! I am very thankful that you are so comfortable with them! Annoyingly enough, everytime you see them you ask for a "surprise" ...which is kind of their fault since they started it! It's because they love you so much, rightfully so!

In the past 6 months you've really become a little worshiper. You love your bible books, "Jesus songs" as you like to call them, and learning new verses through all your little crafts and teachings from school. I'm so thankful that while we are at church they teach you, mommy and daddy about the same verses which helps us a lot when helping you understand them!

You are our little love. Our sweet baby girl, who cares so much about the world and everything in it. You have my eyes and and skin color and daddy's legs and ears. You love to play, and are such a home-body. You always want to look "pretty" and sometimes you don't like what I pick for you. You still wake up at night sometimes. You love to please. You have long eyelashes and beautiful sparkling eyes. You have a sweet heart and a love for animals like no one I've ever known! Thank you for making me smile a thousand times a day and for giving your daddy and I every reason to look at each other and feel so blessed that you are ours!
I LOVE you sweet babe!
Love, Mommy

Your favorites/etc. at 3 1/2 years old:

shows: Hermie and friends, Dora, Little Einsteins, Princess movies, and Backyardigans.

food: Mcdonalds, cheese, any kind of fruit, greens beans, peas (new fav), lunchables, crackers, gerber graduate snacks of all kinds, pizza, mac and cheese, and fish (you LOVE fish)

sleep: You sleep really good. You go to bed with no problem at all around 8 p.m and wake up about 8 a.m! You have to have your Dora blanky to go to sleep and sometimes you creep into our bed in the middle of the night.

toys: baby dolls, grocery cart, puzzles
places: HOME!, school, church, mall, friend's houses

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