Sunday, April 17, 2011

We're Back!

We just got back from our 7 day cruise to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica. When leaving, we were missing the kids so much it was hard to bare. Coming back however, I miss the ship so much THAT'S hard to bare :) We enjoyed coming home to the kids so much though and it was great to see their sweet faces again. They came running around the corner to the kitchen when we got home and their little faces looked so much older. Two tiny little people who looked just like us. It was a sweet sight!

Any who, we took a ton of pictures and here they all are :)

(probably going to be my longest post ever!)

We left from Galveston, so here are some pictures of us getting on, exploring the ship, and making our way to our quaint little room!

My husband's step-brother Mark, and his wife Kate

My husband's step sister Randi, and her boyfriend Jeremy

My hubby

My husband's step mom Patti

My father-in-law

Me and the hubs

Voyager of the Seas

Our room. We had a patio too :)

That's an ice sculpture of a bull. Sweet.

Port of Galveston

"Royal Promenade" on the ship. Lots of shopping!

One of the two theatres

The on-board club, called the Vault.

The main theatre

Yours Truly :)

And, we're off!

Our towel puppy. MADE MY NIGHT. It's the little things in life.

Getting clearer!

Port of Cozumel, Mexico

We did a shore excursion that consisted of a catamaran, snorkeling (beautiful), jet skis, and a gorgeous beach!

The Voyager and Navigator side by side. SO awesome!

Beach @ Grand Cayman

Leaving for Jamaica

I think he looked like an armadillo, everyone else said he was a bat. Either way, he made my night again :)

Port of Falmouth, Jamaica

We rode an hour to Dunn's River Falls and climbed a 900 foot waterfall! I took many pictures of the town but couldn't get them all on here! It was breathtaking at the falls but of course we were soaked and couldn't possibly take the camera :(

BEAUTIFUL picture my husband shot as the sun was setting. Love it :)

The kids do not have buses in Jamaica, they have to walk several miles to town to get on a bus and head home every day. Makes you appreciate all that we have...

A monkey wearing Josh's shorts

All dressy for formal night!

And.... my overly intoxicated husband :) He slept the next day away.

That's all I can fit on here, but there's plenty more where that come from!

We are already planning our next cruise for 2012!!! So excited!

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