Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hannah's Room Re-do

It all started when Hannah was 2 years old. We converted her crib, to a toddler bed. It didn't go over so well. She wouldn't stay in bed, she didn't like it or she would fall out if we actually got her to sleep in it. So, when my mom moved she had an extra queen mattress set that she didn't need. We put it on her floor and she has been sleeping in it fine for a while.

Here's a picture of little bitty pretending like she liked her new toddler bed when she was 2 :)

The toddler bed didn't last long.

Her queen bed takes up a lot of room though and is just not very appealing. Ever since we put it in there I've been looking everywhere for a bed frame and headboard to go with it. I have always been very interested in the whole Shabby Chic look.

One day, I was at my favorite antique store and found a headboard that I was totally in LOVE with. I couldn't stop thinking about it but the price just wasn't right. I pleaded with husband to come take a look at it at least and while we were there we found a chandelier (which I've also been searching for) for FIFTEEN dollars! You read right, $15!! SO EXCITING! So I forgot about the bed and went straight for re-doing this ugly-but-could-be-gorgeous chandelier.

Next day, I went peeking around some garages my mom has at her work (She's and apartment manager) that are full of old junk. I found the most amazing things in these dusty garages!! For FREE! Even better....

So without further ado, here is all the trashy, junky, ugly-beautiful stuff I found for Hannah's room!!!

Let's see some before pictures shall we?....

UGLY-beautiful chandelier!! LOOOVE it! (You'll see why..)

A little foot stool

And the top

Mirror, not too ugly but don't need it gold...

The bed was way more beige-brown-gross in person and has little brass accents all over the end pieces.

See the brass ball @ the top?

The dresser she already had. It's also more beige than it looks.

The drawers..
And the knobs...

Her old coral colored shelf, half-painted white because I forgot to take a before picture!!!


Are you ready???


Here is our little princess seeing it for the very first time!!

I sanded, and painted the chandelier, bed and dresser. Re-upholstered the footstool, got a new rug and got some new bedding all for under $200!!

Hannah is totally in love and so am I! I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out!!


  1. beautiful! where'd you get the butterflies? Katie's room is butterflies

  2. I got them at Target about a year ago!