Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Seventeen Months!

Sweet little love,

In two days you will be SEVENTEEN months old! That's hard to believe! What's more hard to believe is, in one month you will be one and a half! You're growing up so fast and you're becoming more and more like a big boy instead of a baby. I miss the baby in you but you're so much fun in your old age! In honor of your seventeen months of life, I've compiled 17 little fun-facts about you! So here they are:

1. You are finally starting to notice the TV.... for about one minute :) You watch it every now and then. When something exciting comes on you stop and stare for a moment like, "Wow, this is something new".. and then it's over.

2. In the past month, bath time took a turn for the worse.. and then a wonderful turn for the better. You had a "thing" where you just LOVED turning the water on and off while you and Hannah would bathe. Sounds harmless but, when you turned it all the way to the left and up you would immediately burn yourself (never too bad!) and make the bath water way too hot for Hannah. I'm SO happy to announce that we can now put you in there to play without you turning the faucet back on once we have turned it off!

3. You are quite the dancer. You could be a professional toddler dancer! You shake your hips real slow, while bouncing up and down and turning side to side all at the same time! It's absolutely hilarious and you don't care whose watching!


4. You.are.a.CLIMBER. It drives me crazy, and I have a picture to prove it! I don't know why you are such a little dare-devil but you think you are oh-so-cute the higher you get on something! It scares the poo out of everyone around you and we wish you would stop. You are a boy afterall, and I guess that's what boys do!

5. You have started to say a lot more words. So many that we are almost to the point of not listing them anymore. Here are some new ones though: pease (please), hank you (thank you), peek (for peek-a-boo), wa-wa (water), truck, yess (you get so excited), nana (for Hannah, it's much clearer now), 'side (for outside) and many more that I couldn't possibly fit on here :) 

6. You have started pulling hair, biting, and hitting...AGAIN. We got over it for about a month, but I guess due to the fact that you are the smallest in the house you feel you need to make your presence known. You really are a sweet boy, don't get me wrong.. It's just that Hannah takes your toys away too often ;)

7. We have started to "correct" you because of things above. You have started to get one too many "corrections" lately so we have decided to rub your arm and say nice, nice.. over and over until you get it. You never fail to rub the victim and "say" you're sorry. You will always try to give a hug and a kiss to let them know you feel bad. I do appreciate you trying to make amends!

8. You have found and labeled lots of your body parts! You definitely know where your hair is, as you love to rub food in it at every meal. You love your belly button, and you think it's funny when I'm changing your diaper, to say pee-pee and show me where it is. You laugh everytime and I can't help but laugh too. I don't know where you learned that!?

10. You LOOOVE being outside!!! You constantly ask to go out back and play. It's been raining the past few days (non-stop) and you have been stuck inside. It breaks my heart when you go to the back door, put your head on the window, say "side" and look at me with your sweet blue eyes :(

11. You still take really good naps! You L.O.V.E. your "ba-ba"! You still take a bottle to bed, but ya know.. It's not going to hurt you and we brush your teeth good, so I think you will live to see many more years! (Who cares what the doctor says!) You LOVE your day time naps and often beg and plead until we put you in bed. You play so hard and get so sleepy. You have a breakdown at 10am every day but the past 2 days I've made you wait until after lunch for sleeping. After all, that's your nap time at school!


12. You love water! You love playing in the sink, the bath, washing your hands, playing in the dog's water, playing in the spicket outside, holding your head under the hose as we water flowers (which is quite annoying by the way). You thoroughly enjoy being completely soaked from head to toe. I think it's so funny you love it so much, that's why we got you and Hannah two outdoor water sprinkler toys. You guys will stay out there forver if I let you!

13. You love animals. You call everything puppy. But recently, after two aquarium trips, you have a new found love for "fishies". You LOVE fish. You will stand at their tank, bounce up and down and say "ooo, fishy! fishy!" Maybe we should get you a fishy for home!

14. You love your daddy! You get so excited when you hear the garage door open, you run to the door and say "daddy, daddy!" You also say daddy the moment you wake up from nap at home or school. Your teachers think it's so precious how much you love him so! 

15. I love the way you praise yourself! When we tell you "good job!"
you rub your belly, sway side to side and smile real big like you know you've done good!

16. You will not let us feed you anymore, it's so sad. Good part is, you will eat ANYthing we give you, if you can feed it to yourself. There is not a food you will not touch! You're my little eatin' man!

17. You get scared when you hear motorcycles or trucks. You come running to me with your eyes real big and look at me all confused. When I tell you it's a truck, you calm down.. but you still want me to hold you!

So, there they are! All your little fun antics :) I love that you are so much fun. You will always be my little bug.
I love you,


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