Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cars 2!


After an invite from my brother, and after reading this article, I decided it would be pretty fun to be brave and take the kids to the movie.

I mean what’s the worst that could happen?

The kids could have a meltdown, kick the seat in front of them, spill a drink on the person in front of them, and embarrass us in front of the whole theatre????


Cars 2 001

Cars 2 003

Yes, that’s right. I took my busy bee 3 1/2 year old and my wiggly 18 month old to the movies today, to see Cars 2.

And guess what!?

They were PERFECT angels!

Hannah stayed in her seat pretty much the whole movie and ate pretty much an entire medium (pretty big) bag of popcorn all by herself!

Aside from grabbing the kids seat in front of him a couple times, switching seats/laps a few times, and dropping his glasses and cup underneath my sticky, wet, disgusting seat a few times… Noah did great! No crying, no fits, just yelling “TRUCK!” a lot! He obviously adores Mater like his momma does.

Best part was, they looked so.darn.cute in their 3D glasses!

Cars 2 005

Cars 2 006Cars 2 008Cars 2 009Cars 2 010Cars 2 013Cars 2 014Cars 2 015Cars 2 016

A little wet…a little tired… but still in a really good mood! Plus, they really enjoyed the movie and were so happy we took them!

I was thrilled on the way home! We did it! We took them to the movies, successfully and it was fantastic! Go team parents!

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