Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eighteen Months!

Noah David Craft,

You are a stinker! You are adorable! We are so thankful to have you in our little family of four. You complete us, and we couldn't have asked for a better little boy! I can't believe you are one and a half already! Oh, how the time flies. So in honor of your eighteen months of life, here are eighteen things I love about you!

1. You love giving kisses. And, I LOVE kissing you. You make little smoochy noises all day. When you actually come in for a kiss, your mouth is wide open. At least you kiss the air the right way :) I love your slobbery kissies.

2. You love being outside.. still.. I know you are a boy and that will never change. You love running around after Hannah, riding your trucks and playing in any water that you can find. It's getting really hot outside lately and we aren't going out as much. I think you understand though that sweat is not comfortable.
3. You are starting to learn your colors. Right now everything is blue. You can say most colors that we tell you but you haven't associated the right word with the right color yet. It'll come in time :)
4. So I hate to admit it... but you love your pee-pee. You tell me about it all the time. Now, it's more like "pee-pee" like "Hey, I peed..change me" so I do and you stop saying it. The other day we were in a store where there was a manican close within your reach. You walked up to it, looked at the cashier and told her "pee-pee." I actually wasn't embarrassed, at least you know your body parts, even on other people!
5. You really love books. The other day we were in the garage and you sat in your carseat on the garage floor with 3 books and you sat there for a good 30 minutes talking to yourself and "reading" the books. You are getting really good at turning the pages and finding things and saying out loud what they are. I'm so proud :)
6. My favorite thing you say is "daddy." I know how silly that is because of course it should be mommy :) But it's SO cute how much you love your daddy. If he is in another room and you think he is gone, you will walk around and around saying "daaaddy" until you find him. When you do, you get so tickled. It's so adorable!
7. Just in the last few weeks, you've really started to enjoy other kids. At playgroups, you will walk up to other kids your age and "talk" to them and hug them and then you come and show me who they are by pointing. I love that you love your little friends. When we leave (anywhere) you curl your little hand up so sweetly and wave the cutest little bye-bye I've ever seen!
8. You are so not snuggly. But, the last few weeks (since you haven't been feeling well with your new molars) you have allowed me to rock you! It's amazing as you are not a cuddler! And lately, when I pick you up, you give me the sweetest little pats on my back.
9. You get so scared when you hear trucks. But once I tell you it's a truck, you run to me and say truck and sweetly stand there and listen until it's gone. When we are in the car, you point at everything moving vehicle and call it a truck. You always point out trees and planes in the car. You love planes!

10. You still don't like TV at all. But sometimes I ask you to come sit with me and watch TV and you tell me "TV" and you snuggle up in my lap! You have a new found love for watching .5 seconds of basketball. You tell us about the ball and you get all excited.. and then you walk away. It's ok, you don't need TV anyways :)

11. You're quite the little dancer. If there is any sort of music on, you break it down. Even when there's no music, all I have to do is tell you to dance and you start bouncing, swaying side to side, shaking your booty and waving your little arm back and forth. I LOVE your dancing!
12. You have gotten really good at holding our hands when we go places. We barely have to use the stroller anymore when we go places because you're so good at listening!

  13. You LOVE shoes and you have a lot of them! I'm pretty sure you have more shoes than I do. Ok... maybe not that many :) You always run to me with a different pair from your room and turn around and sit right down within my reach so I can put them on you.

14. When you get sleepy, you get crazy. You start running around, rubbing your eyes and we just cannot settle on anything with you. You still love your ba-ba. I started to wean you from it while daddy was out of town but Memorial day weekend came up at the lake and bedtime just wasn't happening without your beloved ba-ba. Maybe we'll try again soon.

  15. You love your puppy. You call him "oby" (Toby). You chase him around and pull his tail and wrestle with him on the floor. You're always looking for him and alwaaaays asking where he is.
16. When you get hungry, you walk around rubbing your belly and say "nack" (snack) or eat and you go straight to your high chair. You are getting pickier and still don't like very many fruits. You will eat mandarin oranges or a banana but that's about it. You love all kinds of vegetables and any kind of mean. You're a little man.
17. We have started to try and pray at meal times and at bedtime and you sort of resisted. We aren't very consisent with praying at meals but we are working on it! You usually just eat right on through the prayer every time. At least you stay quiet though :)
18. We have obviously been saying "good job" to you and Hannah a lot lately because everytime someone does something good you run by and say "good job!" and start clapping your hands! It's so sweet how loving you are and how you love praising other people!
I love how much you love your daddy, me and Hannah. We love being your best friends! We love you so unconditionally and are so happy that you are such a good little boy!

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