Friday, June 24, 2011

{Organized} Refrigerator!

Call me crazy.




Because I organized my refrigerator.

I figured it was the perfect thing to clean seeing as how it’s so hot outside, and so CooL in my refrigerator!

It all started when I found these online:


Glass juice containers! Hannah and Noah don’t like the same juice anymore, so lately we’ve had two jugs of juice and to jugs of milk (2% and whole milk) constantly. I like everything to be matchy-matchy so these are perfect for the juice issue!

I bought them and a few other refrigerator organizing things, and am picking them up later. BUT, I just couldn’t wait that long. So I got started.

Not too bad, right?

{Ignore the beers}

Organizing 002

Organizing 005

Organizing 006

Organizing 004

Organizing 003


How about the door?

I took everything out of the fridge.

And, cleaned it.

But, didn’t take pictures. It was embarrassing.

Organizing 001

Sooner or later I’m going to get little plastic bins like these so that I can slide things around easier, find things easier, and not allow things to get lost in the abyss that is called the back of my refrigerator.

It looks much better now, don’t you think?

Organizing 012

The fruit, soft drinks, and juice are the items getting a make-over with my new containers later. No worries, I’ll update this post with them.

Organizing 013
I had like a million, gazillion bags of cheese. So, I put them all in their own containers to make it much less cluttered.

Organizing 014

Keep the milk on the bottom so it stays fresh longer.

Organizing 015

Snacks on top, veggies in the middle, fruit on the bottom.

Organizing 016

Organizing 017

I organized a drawer just for the kid’s snacks to make it easier for them to reach.

And now for the door:

Organizing 018

Dairy products on top {because that’s what I always forget about}

Condiments on the next shelf.

Organizing 022

Sandwich supplies on the next.

Organizing 019

So, call me crazy.

Call me a nut.




Because I organized my refrigerator.

I'll have you know: I stopped short of labeling the bins.
See, I'm not so crazy!


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