Friday, June 24, 2011

{Organized} Refrigerator~Continued

So if you read my previous post, you know that I was picking up some more organizing-my-fridge-goodies.

Well friends, I got them. And, they’re FAB-ulous.

Organizing 029

Here are my new most favorite things ever!! Juice containers with the most awesome lids! You hold the lid down on the sides and turn the middle to lock them up tight! Great for keeping things fresh for longer, except juice gets consumed at a serious rate around here!

Organizing 030

My new and improved way to keep fruit fresh and less soggy for longer. Love these containers because they stack so neatly! They’re all the same size too which makes my OCD mind so excited!

Organizing 031

I’m the only one who drinks soda in our family and I only drink Dr.Pepper, so I didn’t want to line them up along one shelf since they take up more room that way. I buy 24 packs at a time {tee-hee}. Having them roll right to me, one after another, is a dream!

Organizing 032

I love these handled containers, because they make sandwich making so much easier! They are also great for keeping things that roll {like biscuits} from moving all about. Or if you’re lucky like me, it keeps them from flying out of the fridge and busting open on your foot!

Organizing 034

See?? Goes straight to the counter. So handy. Get it? Handy.. handle… Ha!


What are some ways you keep your fridge organized???

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