Monday, June 13, 2011


I took the day off today..


Friday, I helped my mom and brother clear out their two garages at their apartments and cleared out my garage for the garage sale we were having Saturday! LOTS OF WORK.

Hannah helped by painting my little bird houses Friday :)

They are cute, but she is even cuter!!
Saturday, we unloaded a mass amount of items off of a very large trailer. People were already standing in the driveway at 8 and finally decided to help us unload the trailer so that they could go through everything quicker! Pretty dang nice. Also, nice that they practically bought every large item we had all by 9am. Successful garage sale day.

Sunday, we helped my mom clear out THREE, count them.... one, two, three garages... and take everything to her new storage room. She's switching jobs. LOTS OF STUFF accumulates when your an apartment manager at the same property for nine years!!

All done!

So.. today.. I took Noah to get his little ears checked out since he's been acting crazy. His pediatrician said it looked like his tubes were falling out. I'm proud to announce that his tubes are still in and fully functioning. Also, the volume he can hear is that of a mature adult. Kind of loud for an 18 month old I would think but they think it's great, so I agree.


We had a dentist appointment for both kids today except we were tired from the first doctor so Noah and I took a 3 1/2 hour nap (YAY!) while Hannah played and watched TV. Yay again for a quietly playnig 3 year old :)

  Here is what I found when I woke up from said nap:

She is so good at organizing. AH-mazing how lined up and perfect they are!

Hannah said "princesses need tall shoes". Hannah is a princess, princesses need tall shoes, so Hannah brought out all of mommies tall shoes. Tada!

More projects to come...later.

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