Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Busy week!

Sorry for not posting for 10 days, but we have been super busy! So pardon moi.

This past weekend, I took a trip to Joplin, MO with my church {CCBC}. I was worried about how I would feel when I get there, but more importantly I was ecstatic to have the chance to go and do something so amazing. It definitely was jaw-dropping the further we drove into Joplin. We got there around 3pm so there was plenty of light to see the unbelievable devastation.

We started off by passing out hygiene care packages to the people in the homes that were still standing. We asked them if they needed help re-building anything such as their roof, windows, porches, fences, etc. and asked if we could pray with them. Everyone we met was so welcoming to us and it amazed me that most people declined our offer of help because they knew that there were many people much worse off than they were. Amazing.

The next day, the 31 of us split into groups. Some of us stayed at the church that welcomed us in with open arms {New Creation Church in Joplin} and the rest of us went out to homes/devastation sites in the area to do what we could to help. My group went to a duplex that was owned by a lady who donated the home to Home Sweet Homes, an organization that builds homes for the elderly for free. We salvaged everything we could out of both homes such as door frames, windows, wood, counters, cabinets, plugs, and light fixtures. It took us the better part of the day, and it was really hot but we just kept on working.

I met some wonderful people in Joplin and even more amazing people in our own group! I am so thankful to have met such selfless, kind, caring people. And so thankful to have had the chance to go with them!

Don’t forget about Joplin, they are going to continue to need help for quite some time. Keep them in your prayers.

My whole perspective on life has changed. I am so very thankful for everything I have and for everyone that is in my life.

The pictures below, are not just the worst ones we took. In the path of destruction, this is literally what it looked like in all directions.



Pictures courtesy of my friend Meredith, and some taken by me.


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