Friday, September 16, 2011

Burlap Ruffle Wreath Tutorial

This isn’t the best tutorial, since I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had a vision in my mind but didn’t exactly know how I was going to make it happen. I’ll show you the gist of it all but I didn’t take very many step-by-step photos. I’ll give you step-by-step instructions though!

What you will need:
September 2011 003
2 yards of burlap fabric in any color you choose
Low-heat glue gun and glue sticks
Wreath form
Embellishments if you’d like to have any


1. Start by cutting three 4 x 70 inch strips of burlap {doesn’t have to be exact width wise}
September 2011 005
{don’t mind what you see in the background, that’s another project I need to get started on!}

2. Wrap one strip of fabric all the way around wreath form and secure with hot glue.
September 2011 006

3. Here’s where it gets tricky. You COULD take a needle and thread and sew a line all the way down your 70” piece of fabric, pull the thread and create a ruffle, then glue it on. Or you could ditch the needle and thread and take the lazy road like me.
I got tired of sewing so I pulled out my thread and started creating ruffles myself with the glue gun.

So, turn your wreath over {upside down}. On the outer edge of the wreath, glue the end of your strip down so that the fabric hangs over the wreath {so you can see it on the other side when you flip it over}. Start rolling the fabric into ruffles all the way around and glue as you go. Make sure you have the fabric where you want it before you glue it or it is NOT coming back up. Also, don’t worry about the little hangy pieces falling all off your fabric, you can trim those when you’re done.

Once you are done with the ruffle on the backside of your wreath, flip it over and glue a ruffle onto the inner edge {but on top} of your wreath.

This is where I failed to take pictures. So here is a picture of the front side when I got done. {SORRY!!!}
 September 2011 010
Hope I didn’t confuse the poo out of you! Tee-hee.

4. Your wreath is done unless you want to add some embellishments like I did. So, here it is all finished! I plan to go back and add a little tag that says “Fall” but I made this late last night and just wanted to get it up on my door.

Here is my front door before with it’s little summer sign:
September 2011 011

And, here it is after in all of its fall glory!
September 2011 020
I added some feathers, rhinestones and a little acorn. I ♥ acorns!
September 2011 015


September 2011 028
Lucy loves burlap just as much as I do! She found her way to it while I was outside. I think she’s thinking “Mom, I could really use a burlap bed”. My response would be: ABSOLUTELY not puppy dog. I can just see the shreds of burlap now. So sad.
But she’s so sweet!
September 2011 027

Have a fan-tabulous weekend my little crafty buddies!

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