Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Coffee Filter Wreath {Tutorial}

Obviously, I’m not the first person in Blogland to make a coffee filter wreath and post a tutorial about it. However, I wanted to share with you the way I did it! Plus, maybe not all of you have found this beauty in Blogland yet!? So, let me bring it to you shall I?

Super best part about it is… it’s SO easy to make!

Here’s what you’ll need:

September 2011 002

1. Floral form  or a piece of cardboard cut into a circle. I found mine at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon and it came out to be $2.68!
2. Coffee filters {you can get white ones and dye them with coffee…. OR you can go with the natural kind that are already brown!} Obviously your 2nd choice is the easiest! {$2 at Tom Thumb}
3. Some pretty ribbon if you want to hang it like I did below.
4. A hot glue gun. I prefer a low heat glue gun and you will find out why below!


Start by pulling apart quite a few filters to begin with so you won’t have to keep stopping to do so.

September 2011 003September 2011 007

Squish them together like I’ve done above and start gluing them on one by one in a single row around your wreath like this:

September 2011 010

Once you have a completed row like I have below, start on the the outer edge (still on top of the wreath). You should only have to make two rows on top.

September 2011 011

Once you’ve completed the top two rows, it should like this from the back:
September 2011 012

Now is a good time to go back in and fill in any holes that you see!
September 2011 013

Once you have finished filling in your holes (if any) go around the inside center of your wreath. Here, you should only need one row. It should look like this when you’re done:
September 2011 014

And VOILA! Here is my little beauty all done! I can’t believe it turned out so well. I have it hanging over a mirror in my living room and I just stare in awe every time I pass by. It just screams fall to me, and I love fall!
Ok, maybe I’m a little obsessed with the wreath but I’ll deal with that later!!!

September 2011 026

So, like I said there are plenty of tutorials on the net about these sorts of wreaths but I thought it would be helpful to give you a few tips I learned while making this wreath.

So here ya go:

1. Leave your wreath form flat on the table while you’re gluing on the filters. Otherwise, you may go too far around the back of the form and use way more filters than you need.
2. If you want to err on the side of using too few or too many filters, go with too few. You can always add more later like I did above.
3. Don’t attempt this project if you’re overly attached to your fingertips. You WILL scald them. And, it will HURT! 
4. If you have a low-heat glue gun, use it. You’ll still scald your fingertips, but the glue sets faster and when you’re gluing hundreds of filters that makes a difference.
5. If you have little people hanging around wanting to help, put them to work. Their little, sticky fingers are perfect for separating the filters. That’s the most maddening part of the project.
6. Depending on how big your form is, you should only need one bag of filters which contains 200. I used less than half of the bag. My form was about 24” in diameter {huge}. Which means that you can make one for every room of the house because you will have lots of filters left over! Ha, that’s my obsession talking. 

Happy Crafting!!!

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