Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hannah’s First day of Pre-school!

{this year anyways}

Honestly, it’s not as sad this year that my sweet baby was going to school. She went last year because for one, she loved it and I ended up working full-time so it just all worked out. She was BEGGING to go back this year. She asked me all summer at least twice a week about school and when it would start. I love her thirst for learning and I knew she would definitely thrive by returning this year. Turns out, she got one of her most favorite teachers again this year. She also has most of the same friends too so she was very happy about that. She had a great day {so she said} and she definitely wants to go back! 

Noah isn’t going to school this year so him and I played at the house together then took naps! He was VERY upset when we dropped Hannah off and cried for her the whole way home. It was the most sad thing to hear, he just loves her so much. BUT, when we got home and he realized she really wasn’t coming back just yet, he caught sight of her toys. It was on from there! He was having a field day in her room. {One day she’ll read this and not be very happy} He played in her room by himself for a good hour and kept running out to show me what he found! So funny!

After some short naps, we went to get our little Hanner Panner from school and he was so happy to see her. She had a really great day and I’m hoping for more great days in the future!

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Hannah’s mini first day interview:

What was your favorite part of your day at school?
Lunch time! I loved the surprise I found!

Did you learn anything today?
I don’t remember. But, we talked about Jesus!

Did you make any new friends?
No mom, I still have the same friend and her name is Kayson!

Did you have fun at school?
Yeah. {lol}

Do you want to go back to school another day?
Yes, I’m going back Thursday. That’s what Ms. Chris said to me.

Little extras throughout that evening:

TODAY is Tuesday! I get to see Ms. Chris again Thursday! Mommy, when is Thursday?

The surprise that was in my lunch was a princess ring. I like it a lot. I kept it in my lunch so I wouldn’t lose it in my class.

Kayson wears glasses so she can see better, I need glasses to see better too. {She wore her sunglasses for another hour after saying that}

Mommy, next time can I have peanut butter in my lunch?
Me: No, baby some people are allergic to peanut butter so we can’t have it in class.
Hannah: But… {long pause} Ms. Chris can take me outside to eat it!

Little love, I hope you had the best first day ever! And I love you SO much!

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