Monday, September 12, 2011

Hannah’s Lunches!

This is the first week of many fun lunches to come!! They were kind of plain for the first week. We were kind of crazy the first week, overloaded will all sorts of things. However boring they were, she loved them! That’s all that matters!

Day 1: Hannah’s Choice!

Hannah's 4th Birthday Projects 035
Hannah is using
Easy Lunchboxes this year! They make lunch so easy and fun! She seems to eat a lot better when her lunch is fun! The lids are really easy for her little hands to open yet everything is still kept fresh!

She had Ravioli, veggie sticks, bunny crackers and Mott’s Medley applesauce
Hannah's 4th Birthday Projects 026Hannah's 4th Birthday Projects 033
This day, I let her pick out everything she wanted in her lunch and threw in some surprises for her!

Hannah's 4th Birthday Projects 039

Day 2: Princess themed! We were in a hurry that morning! She LOVED finding the princess rings in her lunch and told me all about them when I picked her up!
Hannah's 4th Birthday Projects 090

I love you princess and I hope you had the best first week ever!

Love, Mommy

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