Thursday, September 15, 2011

My ALMOST Four Year Old….

Can ALMOST write all of her letters by herself!!

I bought her some little educational coloring books from the store and we brought them home. I thought I’d have to work with her a lot more on teaching her how to hold the marker {she came up with her own way} and holding her hand to help her trace letters, since she never has before. But I didn’t have to do any of that! I read her the directions on each page and she was off!  

September 2011 043
She traced each capital and lowercase letter on the first page of her book. After that, she was able to trace one and repeat it by herself over and over! She learned all of this in about FIVE minutes! SO EXCITING!

September 2011 050September 2011 052September 2011 056September 2011 059

She even helped the ant find his way to the acorn! The ONLY think I told her was what the directions said. She had one little turn-around and then made it to the end!
September 2011 060September 2011 061September 2011 062
Again, only read her the directions! She found all the animals that started with “C” and colored them all on her own!September 2011 069
She was trying SO hard to stay in the lines! Which, is a step up for her because she doesn’t even like coloring!

I just LOVE your thirst for learning, Hannah. I love that you get excited about doing these sorts of things and I love that you love going to school! I know it may not always be this way but I can only hope it will!

I love you my sweet, smart girl!

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