Thursday, October 20, 2011


So, after careful deliberation, we have decided we are moving to Breckenridge!

Here’s a picture of our new house…


Kidding!! Ha. We WISH!

This was our home away from home in Breckenridge, Colorado! It was the most beautiful home we’ve ever stayed in! Totally awesome and has spectacular views!

Let’s get back to the beginning of the trip though, shall we?

It all started this way:

My great uncle Ricky died this past August from cancer of his liver. His wish was for all of us as a family to cremate him and take him back to Colorado to float him on down the river where he used to be a rafting guide. So when Ricky left us August 8th, we fulfilled his wishes by booking a family vacay to Breckenridge, Colorado. 

Since there were so many of us flying out, we drove to Oklahoma City because the flights are much cheaper there! The kids were PERFECT on the 3 hour drive and we only had to stop once! This was their first time flying so they were very excited! We talked about airplanes the whole way there! Finally, 1 o’clock rolled around and it was time to board! The kids were ecstatic!

Here are some little videos of them all nervous and what-not!

Oklahoma City to Denver!

Sweet baby boy! He fell asleep shortly after this :)

Our sweet little airplane shadow :)

After we got our 5054536 bags, 2 car seats, playpen, two kiddos, and headed to the rental car place… got us a super tiny car…. and headed off to the wonderful town of Breckenridge! Hannah couldn’t wait to get to our “new house”. I think she thought we were moving. You would think so too if you saw how much stuff we had!

Finally, Thursday evening around 6 o’clock we got to our “Adventure House”! Hannah made up that oh-so-fitting name! 3 levels of pure amazing-ness!


Four bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, 3 levels, fully stocked, with a Jacuzzi, all tucked onto a beautiful mountainside!

We all went grocery shopping, had some yummy Mexican food and went to bed!

The next day, Memaw kept the kiddos and us “big kids” went on an off-road Jeep experience! The trail was amazing and in the middle of no where. Lots of mining areas through the woods and lots of history!

304146_295481723795719_100000016807532_1287801_1732952075_n - Copy308474_295480093795882_100000016807532_1287777_955071824_n - Copy320237_295482907128934_100000016807532_1287820_1523341538_n - CopyBreckenridge. Colorado 2011 029 - CopyBreckenridge. Colorado 2011 032 - Copy (2)Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 034 - CopyBreckenridge. Colorado 2011 038 - Copy - CopyBreckenridge. Colorado 2011 043 - Copy (2)Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 047 - Copy (2)Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 049 - CopyBreckenridge. Colorado 2011 053 - Copy - CopyBreckenridge. Colorado 2011 054 - Copy (2)Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 057 - Copy (2)Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 058 - Copy (2)Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 064 - Copy (2)Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 071 - Copy - CopyBreckenridge. Colorado 2011 073 - CopyBreckenridge. Colorado 2011 076 - Copy (2)Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 077 - Copy (2)Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 079 - Copy (2)
We made it to the very tip top of the mountain at about 12,000 feet but our “new snow tires” (yeah right) couldn’t quite make it through the rest of the trail. We tried over and over- getting in and out of the Jeep trying to get it up- but it just wouldn’t work. Christy and I were standing in 4 foot deep snow freezing our tushes off while the boys pushed it up further. We ended up turning around and going down the same trail we just came up. It WAS fun.
Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 087307416_227774550615662_100001493559486_637499_1835438618_n - Copy - CopyBreckenridge. Colorado 2011 088Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 089Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 095

After not being able to complete the trail due to our sucky tires, we headed back to the house, had some lunch and I put Noah down for a nap and passed out too! The boys went back out on a different trail and although the trail was difficult they saw something I’ve been longing to see my entire life! A MOOSE!!!


The ONE time in my life when I decide to take a nap and husband sees a moose. A MOOSE!
A MALE moose at that. Grrrrrr. One frustrated momma right here.

Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 108

Sunday, was time for Ricky’s memorial. We met at a local spot where he used to go rafting with his friends. There were lots of people there and lots of love for Ricky! We took some pictures, spoke with everyone, and then sent him on his last trip down the river. Instead of being really sad like a funeral would be, it was an exciting celebration of his life!
Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 117Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 119Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 120Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 125
Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 142Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 149Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 152Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 158Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 160Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 178Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 185Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 189
This little muskrat was making his way upstream to take a leaf back to his little den. So cute!

Ricky’s good friend said a few words and sent him away down the river for his last ride!
Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 202Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 204Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 208Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 210
RIP Ricky! We all miss you and love you very much!!

Monday, we woke up to see this!!
Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 215Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 218Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 220Breckenridge. Colorado 2011 222
Lots and lots of snow! I was SO HAPPY the kids got to see it snow our last day there! It made for a very tricky drive to Denver and a little car sickness from the starting and stopping along the way. But, we made it to Denver and had a safe flight home!

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