Monday, October 3, 2011

Hannah is FOUR years old!!

My sweet baby girl turned a big ‘ol FOUR last Wednesday!

We woke up and opened presents from the family then Daddy had to go to work. So, Memaw, Noah and I took Hannah out for a fun filled day of princess castles and pumpkins!

The Dallas Arboretum had several princess exhibits inside. Perfect for a little girl who loves fairytales! After the arboretum we went and had a birthday lunch at a little Italian restaurant that I had birthdays at when I was a little girl! {so special!}
{Warning: Longest post ever!}

Hannahs bday 003Hannahs bday 004Hannahs bday 013Hannahs bday 018Hannahs bday 024Hannahs bday 025Hannahs bday 027Hannahs bday 040Hannahs bday 048Hannahs bday 052Hannahs bday 054Hannahs bday 056
Crazy what they can do with pumpkins!

Hannahs bday 062Hannahs bday 084
Hannahs bday 086
The pumpkin duck pond was mommy’s favorite!!!

Hannahs bday 095Hannahs bday 099
The horse that was pulling Cinderella’s carriage
Hannahs bday 101
Hannah LOVED Cinderella’s carriage. I’m sure she felt like a true princess! {Notice she had Rapunzel in her hand the entire day!}
\Hannahs bday 110Hannahs bday 119Hannahs bday 126Hannahs bday 128Hannahs bday 129Hannahs bday 130
I thought the pumpkin “torches” were SO cute! So creative!
Hannahs bday 133Hannahs bday 136Hannahs bday 140Hannahs bday 141Hannahs bday 144Hannahs bday 147
So in love with the Mini white baby boo pumpkins! Cutest stinkin’ name EVER!

Hannahs bday 149Hannahs bday 151Hannahs bday 157Hannahs bday 169Hannahs bday 175Hannahs bday 187
She found Rapunzel’s castle, with Rapunzel in hand!

Hannahs bday 189Hannahs bday 198Hannahs bday 218Hannahs bday 224Hannahs bday 248Hannahs bday 249
Totally wish our front yard looked like this!

Hannahs bday 256
Yup, that’s right. You can LAY across these lily pads they are so big!

Hannahs bday 267Hannahs bday 268
Lunch with Memaw and some rainbow Italian ice to go with a perfect afternoon!

That evening we met up with Mimi, Papa, Uncle Jacob and Avry to go to Chuck E. Cheese. And, afterwards had a birthday dinner at Cheddars! Let’s just say, she slept REALLY good that night!

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Girl!

Stay tuned for Hannah’s 4th Rainbow Party!

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