Sunday, October 9, 2011

Paperback Pumpkin Tutorial

I recently made this cute little pumpkin from a paperback book, and shared it with my MOPS group. It was easy to make and a lot of fun seeing how everyone’s pumpkins turned out since each one is different.

Hannahs Lunches Week 4 013

Here is how I made mine….

The materials:

Old paperback book
thick cardboard
garden stick
exacto knife
hot glue gun
tea bag or paint (optional)

Hannahs Lunches Week 4 005


Remove cover from book and draw the shape of your pumpkin on the front page.
Hannahs Lunches Week 4 004

Cut along with an exacto knife
Hannahs Lunches Week 4 006

You will have to continue cutting until you reach the end of the book. Trim all the little bits of paper (although I personally like the way this looks)

Make some tea!

With the tea bag, stain the pages of the book

Glue the stick to the back of the book
Hannahs Lunches Week 4 008

Glue some pages around the stick so it makes a round pumpkin shape.

(note: my pumpkin will sit on a shelf, so for this purpose it's better if the back is flat. If your pumpkin will sit on a desk or table, you will need to glue the back).

Hannahs Lunches Week 4 011

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