Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Pickin’

Between me and the kids being sick simultaneously, we never got around to getting on over to our favorite pumpkin patch- until Friday! We had lots of running around to do but finally we made it over there! Daddy was unable to come since he was finishing up at work, but we had a blast anyways! We love the local pumpkin farm we go to and it’s a little tradition of ours to re-visit year after year.

We fed some animals, went on a hay-ride, ran through a maze and –of course- picked some pumpkins!

*warning* lots of pictures below :)

Halloween 2011 003Halloween 2011 004Halloween 2011 005Halloween 2011 012Halloween 2011 014Halloween 2011 020Halloween 2011 022Halloween 2011 023Halloween 2011 026Halloween 2011 030Halloween 2011 034Halloween 2011 043Halloween 2011 058Halloween 2011 061Halloween 2011 066Halloween 2011 069Halloween 2011 072Halloween 2011 088
There were cows “mooing” in the background. Hannah is saying “Moooooooo” LOL
Halloween 2011 091Halloween 2011 092Halloween 2011 096Halloween 2011 097Halloween 2011 099Halloween 2011 102Halloween 2011 103Halloween 2011 109Halloween 2011 124Halloween 2011 125Halloween 2011 135Halloween 2011 139Halloween 2011 140Halloween 2011 146Halloween 2011 148Halloween 2011 149
Hehe… Someone couldn’t make it out. So big sister had to go back and save him!Halloween 2011 150Halloween 2011 151Halloween 2011 152Halloween 2011 154

He made it!! We had lots of fun at the pumpkin patch and can’t wait until the fall festival at church to get some candy!!

~A wedding Rehearsal~

After pumpkin picking… we had to head on over to the chapel for my brother-in-laws wedding rehearsal. Husband was the best man, I was a bridesmaid and Hannah was a beautiful little flower girl! More pictures of the wedding to come, when I get them from the photographer!

Halloween 2011 167Halloween 2011 168Halloween 2011 179Halloween 2011 180Halloween 2011 182Halloween 2011 185Halloween 2011 189Halloween 2011 193Halloween 2011 194Halloween 2011 196Halloween 2011 199Halloween 2011 202

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