Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkins and Ghosts!

I’ve been super duper sick and super duper busy…. So, the lunches have been less spectacular and not really picture worthy. I felt semi-festive last week and once more today since the kiddos were having their little pumpkin patch day at school. They all got to dress up in their costumes and all sorts of other fun things!!

Halloween 2011 022
A ghost lunch in honor of their ghost costumes I made them!Halloween 2011 046

I missed Hannah’s class going to the indoor pumpkin patch room, since I was busy with the babies in my own room! I had to sneak around school catching pictures of Noah (so he wouldn’t see me and get upset). Once, he did catch me though… and all he did was smile. He’s a little sweet heart.
Halloween 2011 030
He was decorating his little paper bag. It’s SO SWEET to watch your kiddos in action when they think you’re not around.
Halloween 2011 037
Halloween 2011 031
Halloween 2011 042
and… the look on their face when they catch you is priceless!!

Halloween 2011 044
Little terd :)

The best pictures I got of the two of them together were silly… but hey, they’re ghosts… they can be silly!

Halloween 2011 056
Halloween 2011 023
{The sleeves you see are her sweater… not part of her costume}
Halloween 2011 024Halloween 2011 057Halloween 2011 059

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