Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Wish list 2011

I couldn’t help but make a want wish list this year! There are so many wonderful things out there that I just really need to get my hands on.
Kidding…. but it’ll be easier on husband to pick something when the time comes!

Hopefully husband is reading this.

Up first is the kiddos and the sweet gifts they picked out together.
They know how to get what they want! Pick out toys they both like… Duh!

Hannah’s Wish list:

It’s such a simple little list. She’s such a sweet girl!
She was more interested in picking out toys for her baby brother than for herself!

Fisher-Price iXL Learning  System - Pink -  Fisher-Price - Toys"R"Us
Fisher Price IXL in Pink of course with the Disney Princess game to go with! I can see this being a boredom buster!

Squinkies Barbie Dream House Dispenser -  Blip Toys - Toys"R"Us
Barbie Dream House Squinkies Dispenser…with extra Squinkies of course!

Barbie Collector 2011 Holiday Doll -  Mattel - Toys"R"Us
Isn’t she beautiful?? Collectible, schmollectible…
Of course I’m going to let her play with it!

There’s a few other things she has seen in the store but those are “most important” she says.

and last but not least… the present the kids picked out for each other. Here’s Hannah’s:
Xia-Xia Hermit Crabs - Turks Crab -  Cepia - Toys"R"Us
And here is Noah’s
Xia-Xia Hermit Crabs - Tobago Crab -  Cepia - Toys"R"Us
They are Xia Xia Pet Hermit Crabs. So fun! And, they have interchangeable shells.. Even better!

Noah’s Wish List:

Chuggington Fix & Go Repair Shed Playset -  Learning Curve - Toys"R"Us
Noah LOVES Chuggington the train… and any train, plane or truck for that matter!

Fisher-Price Imaginext Sky Racer Carrier Playset -  Fisher-Price - Toys"R"Us
He picked out so many “big boy” toys! Little guy knows what he wants.
Don’t worry, I’ll take away any choking hazards!

Fisher-Price Imaginext Apatosaurus -  Fisher-Price - Toys"R"Us
The kid loves dinos :)
The Trash Pack 'Trashies' Garbage Truck -  Moose Toys - Toys"R"Us
The Trash Pack - 'Trashies' 12 Pack Collectible Figures -  Moose Toys - Toys"R"Us
Believe it or not, both kids love when the trash truck comes behind the house and picks up the trash. So when we saw this in store, they both got excited for it!

Mommy’s Wish List:
{In very particular order. ‘Super want’ items go first :) }

I sound so materialistic needy.

I’m not.

I just really really like some stuff.

Which you can see below ;)

Oh. my. love.
Definite Must Have.

Hello Mixer.
You will look so very lovely making yummy items while sitting on my counter.
And, I will love you forever.

Life Planner.
Every momma needs one of these.
Husband should choose one that he likes best. I’m not picky.

This was in my last post.
I’m SO excited to get started on Project Life!
I think it will be completely amazing when it’s done at the end of the year.
Oh Dear Silhouette. I will make such wonderful things with you by my side. Or rather, my laptop’s side.

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