Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween was so much fun this year! We don’t technically celebrate Halloween but, instead we do fun fall activities! The kids had a blast at our church’s fall festival and they looked so cute in their little ghost outfits!

We started out by going to the library to read some fun Halloween stories with our friends. After that, we had a couple errands to run while we waited for daddy to get off work.

We had a little photo shoot in the front yard and then it was off to the festival!

Halloween 2011 001
Halloween 2011 003Halloween 2011 004
Halloween 2011 007
Halloween 2011 011
Halloween 2011 013Halloween 2011 025
Halloween 2011 015
Halloween 2011 028
Noah wasn’t feeling too up for anything since the poor guy caught croup from his sister. We played some fun games at the festival, bounced in some bounce houses, and slid down the world’s tallest slide! Daddy and Noah went in front of Hannah and I so we didn’t get pictures. Hannah was scared to death once we got to the top and we ended up slipping down into a mommy and a baby :( I felt SO bad! He was ok though :)
Halloween 2011 035Halloween 2011 036Halloween 2011 038
Halloween 2011 042Halloween 2011 043Halloween 2011 048Halloween 2011 051Halloween 2011 055Halloween 2011 057Halloween 2011 060Halloween 2011 066Halloween 2011 068

After lots of candy, and a train ride, we got some yummy snow cones and got to put in our own flavors! Hannah was excited because there were little gumball surprises at the bottom of our cups!
Halloween 2011 070

We didn’t get a whole lot of candy this year but that’s ok with me! We still have candy from last year!

And, here’s a little flashback for fun!

We are missing Hannah’s Halloween picture from 2009 along with everything else from that year :( That computer is done with.

Halloween 2010 002
Halloween 2010 008Halloween 2010 022
Halloween 2011 027

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