Monday, November 21, 2011

I am blank because…

I got this idea from the beautiful Little Miss Momma...I am blank because....

I am weird because...

I love to smell my son’s breath a 100 times a day.
I prefer to NOT cuddle when I sleep.
I have never left my kids with a teenage babysitter.
I haven’t cut my hair in a few years because I want it to grow long so bad.
I am terrified of big dogs, but I have one now.
I can’t sleep with a top sheet.
I get ridiculously excited when I get a package in the mail {even though I knew it was coming}
I take a scalding hot bath when I can’t get warm.
I dye my hair multiple times a year.

I am a bad friend because...

I always say what I’m thinking.
I am a homebody.
I am forgetful.
I am bad at writing thank you cards.

I am a good friend because...

I would do anything for any of my best friends at any moment.
I love and cherish friendship.
I love my friends kiddos like they are my own.
You can show up at my house at midnight to talk about your bad day.
I’m not afraid to get silly and slap happy.

I am sad because...

I can't please everyone.
Some days I just feel like I am failing.
I want a baby.
I need to be better at letting things roll off my back.
I have a hard time controlling my spending habits.
I can’t do everything all in one day, but I want to.
I feel like I can never play with my kids enough.
All of our Christmas ornaments were stolen.. and I can’t afford to buy more.

I am happy because...

Thanksgiving is in just a few days.
It is almost time for Christmas decorations.
My kids are amazing.
I was blessed with an amazing husband.
My kids are happy when we all lay around in our pj’s and do nothing with our day.

I am excited for...

Christmas decorating.
Date Nights.
Family Snuggle time.
New projects.
A New Year.
Fireplace cuddling.
Kids laughing.
Turkey eating.
Movie watching.

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