Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kid’s Thanksgiving Feast!

Last Thursday was the kid’s last day of school before Thanksgiving. I was working that day so I got to see my littles with all their friends having some yummy “Thanksgiving” food! They were all so cute in their hats and shirts. I called them a bunch of turkeys and Hannah said “No mom! We’re INDIANS!”

We are so thankful for the wonderful teachers Hannah and Noah have at school. They have both learned so much from being there and I’m particularly thankful for how much love and care they receive from their teachers each time they are there. I could not ever ask for a better school or a better set of teachers!

Fall 2011 054
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I love the little place mats they made!!
Fall 2011 073
Such a sweet girl!!
Fall 2011 074Fall 2011 075Fall 2011 076
Love the turkeys made from toilet paper rolls! Such a cute idea!
Fall 2011 079Fall 2011 085
Fall 2011 110
Fall 2011 092Fall 2011 094Fall 2011 102Fall 2011 098Fall 2011 099

I just love these two!!!

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