Saturday, December 17, 2011

Last Day of School

Hannah and Noah’s {and momma’s} last day of school was today. They had an ADORABLE Christmas program and a fun little party afterwards! They got lots of goodies from friends and I got lots of wonderful presents from the mommies of the babies in my class!

Video of their program to be uploaded soon! But, until then, you can relive it in pictures!

{Hannah was Mary in the program!! One proud momma!}

December 2011 064
Eli, Noah and Hannah
December 2011 069
December 2011 076December 2011 088
That is one SAD lip. He broke my heart and made me laugh all at the same time. He didn’t last long but I’m happy he made it through two songs!
December 2011 077
December 2011 093
Sing it Hannah!! She was by far one of the loudest ones up there! So funny!
December 2011 097
Mary and Joseph ~ such a cute couple!!
December 2011 100
December 2011 108December 2011 127
December 2011 135
Noah came to sit with me and cheered up while watching his sister. Noah’s little friend Jillian was terrified and came to sit with us too! Sweet girl!

December 2011 136
December 2011 138December 2011 140December 2011 142
So hard to get a picture with everyone looking/smiling!
December 2011 143December 2011 145December 2011 148

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