Thursday, December 22, 2011

A New Gingerbread House Tradition!

The kids {and I} are out of school all the way up until January 3rd! I can’t say that it’s completely a good thing though. I love my babies {at home and at school} and I love taking my kids and leaving them with their teachers. Ha!

I’m enjoying staying up late and having lie-ins every morning and sometimes staying that way all day.
I’ve earned it though.
Getting everyone up, dressed,combed, fed, brushed, and packed up in the car in the morning is quite challenging…

Any who, among other fun things we have been doing this year… I feel that both kids are old enough to truly enjoy the making of a Gingerbread House. Thus, starting a new tradition in the Craft Fam’s home.
This is our Gingerbread house.
I have to admit It’s not made from scratch . It’s a pack courtesy of Sam’s.
I put it together with the frosting that it came with {what a great job I did…} and the kiddos did all the decoration by themselves.
I think they did a splendid job!
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I have to admit that I don’t think I could have made a cuter gingerbread house! It might have felt more “authentic” to make my own gingerbread from scratch, but the real joy of the project comes from spending the time with Hannah and Noah to make a memory. I LOVE that we are making our own little tradition!

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