Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

We had so much fun on Christmas day! We started by opening presents from Santa. This year the kids got one present from Santa, one present from us, and one present from each other. We really wanted to remind them how fortunate they are to have everything they have and how some kids didn’t get anything Christmas morning, or any time really. They were so happy with what they received {not to mention they made out like bandits at their grandparent’s houses}!

I still wasn’t feeling so hot when it came time to wake up Christmas morning. I had the camera sitting right next to me but shot some video instead. However, I did remember to take pictures the rest of the day!

Christmas Morning 2011

Sorry about the lighting… early morning… dark-ish outside. :)

Christmas 2011 108

After breakfast and presents at our house, we got all ready to go and headed over to Papaw’s & Nana’s {Josh’s dad and stepmom’s} house!
Christmas 2011 036Christmas 2011 037Christmas 2011 038

When we got there… we ate lunch, opened presents, then had a white elephant gift exchange!
Christmas 2011 041Christmas 2011 042

Christmas 2011 047Christmas 2011 049Christmas 2011 050Christmas 2011 051Christmas 2011 053Christmas 2011 054Christmas 2011 055Christmas 2011 056Christmas 2011 057Christmas 2011 058Christmas 2011 060Christmas 2011 063Christmas 2011 065

After Papaw and Nana’s house… we headed to Memaw’s {my mom’s}!

The kids were getting sleepy but very excited to see Memaw and her new puppy!
Christmas 2011 067
Christmas 2011 070Christmas 2011 071Christmas 2011 075Christmas 2011 077Christmas 2011 079

We had dinner, opened presents, the kids played and we spent much-needed time with family!

Christmas 2011 084Christmas 2011 085Christmas 2011 086Christmas 2011 088Christmas 2011 090Christmas 2011 091Christmas 2011 093Christmas 2011 094

The kiddos relaxing in bed playing with stickers after opening their Christmas Presents

Christmas 2011 098Christmas 2011 099Christmas 2011 100Christmas 2011 10421
LOADED down with all of our new toys!!

The kids slept so late the next day.
We are so very blessed and had an amazing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our family!

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