Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My {Little} Valentines

I just love my two sweet babes! I think they had a pretty good Valentine’s Day, and so did I! Husband did a really good job :) as always!!

Hannah and Noah got matching Valentine’s sock monkeys, two super awesome books and lots and lots of candy! They had a sweet little party at school and exchanged their cute little Valentine’s cards. Hannah was SO worried she wouldn’t get any. Silly girl. I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff!

Valentines Babies! 006
Valentines Babies! 012Valentines Babies! 014Valentines Babies! 018Valentines Babies! 019Valentines Babies! 020
Valentines Babies! 022Valentines Babies! 037

Hannah and Noah’s Valentine’s Cards. Still loving Publisher! Thanks again honey!

Valentines Day 002Valentines Day 005Valentines Day 006
Valentines Day 014
Valentines Day 021Valentines Day 022Valentines Day 033Valentines Day 036Valentines Day 038

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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